Hot Water Systems | Gas Vs Electric

Gas Hot Water Systems Vs Electric Systems

A working hot water system is a requirement within all modern properties, and keeping it functioning all year round can be as beneficial as it is necessary. In the battle between gas and electric, there can only be one winner, but which should you opt for? Gas hot water systems are cheap, reliable and easy to maintain, whilst electric systems are far more common. Here’s a look at the main difference between the two types of energy.

Cost Effectiveness

Although both energy sources are fairly cheap to run in limited amounts, it’s no secret that electricity bills can sky-rocket; especially when it’s the main source of energy for hot water systems. Gas on the other hand, is incredible cost effective. It’s easy to replace if canisters are preferred, and a few minutes of usage cost a fraction of the price of electricity.


Although the operations involved in gas hot water systems take place behind the scenes; electricity is no different. Both methods use pipes, cables and connections to transfer their supply of energy, although it’s entirely possible to run gas to all corners of a home with far fewer modes of transport. Electricity on the other hand, relies on cables, pipes and other elements – and not only can this take up inner wall space; it can be dangerous if holes are drilled and connections cut.


Electricity is capable of heating water within a matter of minutes, although a common problem is that once switched off; the temperature will quickly follow. Gas however, will maintain a consistent heat that drops far more slowly than the electrical equivalent. This is all down to the pressure of gas, and as it can’t be expelled from a location at once, it will continually drain. The result is hotter water for much longer than when using electricity.


If there’s one thing that your energy should be, it’s versatile. Gas hot water systems are responsible for providing a fresh supply of warm/ hot water to a home whenever needed, and they have one major advantage over electrical equivalents. Where electricity can suffer when a power cut occurs; gas doesn’t. What this means is that it will be all but impossible to obtain hot water from an electrical system, whereas a gas hot water system will be able to provide hot water, come rain or shine.

Final Thoughts

In the battle between gas and electric, the winner has to be gas. Although electricity is far more commonly used – it’s more expensive, less versatile, suffers with weaknesses and requires maintenance. On the other side of the coin, gas is versatile enough to heat water all year round, it’s entirely affordable in both canister and pipe form, and it can be maintained with minimal fuss, should something ever go wrong.

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