Security Doors

What Types of Security Doors Are Available to Home Owners?

For decades now properties have been built with storage in mind and as a result, it’s not uncommon to see garages located at the side, or rear of homes. Although fairly simplistic in nature, being constructed from the same types of materials as houses – there is one particular aspect that’s a little more advanced in nature.

There are almost a dozen individual types of garage door out there and unlike regular access points, these variants are typically built with durability and external resilience in mind. Most will be built using steel, but as the material will be built to last (as opposed to being rust resistant) it’s not uncommon for the chromium content to be left out entirely – providing a stronger, yet less water resistant construction.

This is why many people paint their security doors – and why some manufacturers provide their products ready coloured and sealed. But what types are actually available to those in need and how do they differ from one another? Here’s a look at some of the most popular options, all of which can be set up by a garage doors installation expert.

Roller Doors

These doors are increasing in popularity, mainly due to the fact that they take up very little space and can be easily maintained. They come in manual and electronic versions, with the former needing to be rolled by the user in a physical sense and the latter being controlled by a switch, or a wireless key fob.

Sliding Doors

This type of garage door will often be used when space is tight and they will usually consist of several smaller doors that are interconnected via hinges. They can be slid sideways to provide access and then pulled back to secure a garage. The nice thing about these types of doors is that they often look a lot more stylish than their counterparts, but they aren’t always as strong, due to their horizontally-opening nature.

Electronic Doors

Any garage door (within reason) can have an electronic system installed to control its functionality. These doors in particular can be horizontal, vertical, or roll-able in nature. Some will feature external controller systems which can allow a home owner to press a button outside of their property, or to click their key fob and have the garage door open – which can be especially beneficial in wet weather.

Regular Doors

Some people prefer the more traditional approach to their access points and this is where regular doors come in handy. They can be opened and closed in a similar vein to normal doorways; opening outwards to provide access. They come in a range of styles and can be made from wood and PVC, but are often constructed using steel simply for the resilient properties afforded by metal.