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Tankless Water Heater Problems – Part 1, READ THIS! What to do if you have problems with your tankless water heater regardless of brand and how to avoid problems in the first place. Watch this entire video and pay attention to the notes! There is a lot of information and you will notice a recurring theme here. You do not have to suffer; there are people to help you if you need it. Generally when installed properly a professional grade tankless water heater is trouble free, but sometimes things can happen and you should know how to get the help you need if it does.

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Best ways to avoid problems:
1. Stay away from Home Center tankless products! (You’ll get little to no help when needed)
2. ONLY buy from and have installed by a trained, licensed and insured dealer of these machines!
3. Do not attempt to DIY a tankless install. You are putting your family at risk!
4. Read the Tankless 101 article here:,

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