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When it comes to residential construction, there’s nothing more exciting than building your own home. Once a plot of land has been chosen and your team of home builders is ready to roll, you can stand back and watch your property take shape. But what can you expect to see during the process of the build? Let’s take a look at the typical stages of residential construction, so that you can make the most of the home building experience!

The major phases of residential construction

Here’s what you can expect to happen during the major phases of your residential construction:

Prepare site and lay foundations

Site preparation and foundations are usually carried out by your new home builders, who will clear the area from rocks, debris and any trees or roots that may obstruct the plot, and consequently the build. They will work to level the site, set the template for the foundation with wooden forms, and then dig the necessary holes and trenches.

Further preparations will be made if the property requires a full basement and the team will move forward by preparing the footings. Concrete will be poured and cured and after a short time a waterproofing membrane will be added to foundation walls and drains, a sewer and water taps will be installed (as well as any necessary plumbing that needs to be added to the first-floor slab or basement floor).

Rough framing

The shell (or skeleton) of your building will be put into place next, with floor systems, walls and roof systems being completed. Necessary sheathing will be applied to exterior walls and the roof, and windows and exterior doors will be installed at this point. A protective barrier- a house wrap- will be installed to prevent liquids such as water from infiltrating the structure, whilst allowing water vapor to be properly ventilated; reducing the possibility of mold forming and wood rotting in the future.

Plumbing, electrical and HVAC duties

Once the shell of your home is finished, siding and roofing are the next features to be installed. Electrical and plumbing contractors will begin working on the property and will start running the necessary pipes and wires through the interior walls, ceilings and floors. Sewer lines and vents will now be installed, along with water supply lines for each fixture. Fixtures such as bathtubs and large shower units are put into place during this stage of the build for ease. Ductwork will be installed next, for the HVAC system within your home, and the roofing will be finalized, sealing off the building.

What happens next?

Once the house is effectively ‘dried-in’, the final stages of the build can begin. The next steps will be:

• Electrical installation
• Insulation
• Drywall, interior textures and exterior finishes
• Interior trim
• Hard-surface flooring and countertop installation
• Exterior grading
• Mechanical trims
• Minor fixture installation (i.e. mirrors and shower doors)
• Exterior landscaping

From here onwards, after the necessary checks and building inspections have been carried out your new home will be ready to move into.

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New Home Builders

Wanting to build a new home from scratch can seem like a huge task for many people, but with the right new home builders and a firm idea of what you want, you could potentially be a few short months away from owning your very own dream home. It’s not easy to find an existing property that meets your living needs, so why not invest your time and money in getting that home that you really want?

Getting Started

When it comes to residential construction and custom built housing, new home builders are the only tradesman that can meet your exact needs. The process of building your new home begins before you hire, so make sure that you:


Make sure that you know your budget before you get started with any new home project. Arrange the necessary loans and prepare for unforeseen circumstances; estimating approximate costs will not only help you to budget properly for your new home, but it will allow you to modify your building plans during the building process- as and when you might need.

Decide where to build

It doesn’t matter what kind of location you are after, choosing the plot where you wish to build your new property is a necessity before you hire your new home builders. You need to have a floor plan in mind and an idea of factors that may affect construction, such as soil conditions, drainage options, building codes and regulations for the area, to name a few, before you decide to build.

Hiring your new home builders

To build a new home you will undoubtedly need a team of experts who can not only design and construct your house, but can advise you on all of the important aspects of construction that you may not already be aware of. Builders, contractors, excavators, surveyors, home designers and architects will play a key role when it comes to getting a beautiful, yet safe and functional home for you.

A great feature of hiring a home building company to work with you is stock plans. Many new home builders have stock plans to hand in a catalog, to give you a foundation to work from. These will include family homes, multi-storey properties and more, and all will be open for modification to ensure that you can choose the features that you want. You can expect to tweak features such as window style, room size and functionality. Of course custom-designed homes will still be available to you too, should you wish to create a completely unique property.

Moving forward with your new home

Once you have the right location and team to hand, you will be able to move forward with your new home’s construction. You will be in a position to oversee all of the work that goes into the building of your new home, as well as the ability to watch it as it takes shape. From small beginnings you’re new home will grow, and you’ll be there every step of the way.

If you want to know more about building your own home, what you need to do, or how to hire the right new home builders for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Construction & Building Consultancy Company – Commercial Builders in Sydney – Kaleidoscope, we’ll be more than happy to help!

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